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“If I suffer from arthritis, how can I help myself?”

The best and most efficient way you can help yourself is to get the assistance and guidance of a
professional. Arthritis is a particularly complex condition but that certainly doesn’t mean you’re beyond
help! Self-management is a vital part of any injury rehabilitation but a few ideas on how to manage
arthritis. Be organised with your medication, food routine, appointments and exercise. Find time to care
for yourself! If you need to take medication liaise with your GP regularly to make sure the medication
you are on is as effective as possible for you. If your arthritis causes you to suffer from fatigue be sure to
tackle that best you can. Lifestyle changes such as regular exercise, adequate hydration, a nutritious diet
and low-stress levels can all help combat fatigue. Although it may be one of the last things on your mind,
exercise and movement are critical! It keeps your joints mobile, improves strength around the joint to
provide support to the painful joints and increases your mood!


                                How can arthritis be treated?

Exercise and Manual Therapy

The gold standard. It’s the old phrase of move it or lose it, unfortunately. Arthritic joints need to be
exercised in a progressive manner to maintain and improve the strength and stability of the surrounding
tissue of the joint/joints. This increase in strength will decrease the excessive load that transfers through
the joint itself. In conjunction with this, an increase and improvement of the range of movement of the
joint will allow for better functioning, less painful and healthier joint


Rest is advised with Arthritis but take this with a pinch of salt. Rest is not rehab. Rest should coincide
with exercise and therapy. Just as an athlete needs rest after competition an arthritic joint needs rest
following exercise or a rehabilitation session. This is to allow the body to recover from the physical
activity in preparation for further activity. Rest alone will be detrimental to an arthritic joint due to the
lack of movement. Motion is lotion!
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